Best Gold Color For Your Skin Tone

Best Gold Color For Your Skin Tone

Best Gold Color For Your Skin Tone

Ever wondered which color of Gold will look best on you? Perhaps you saw a beautiful piece and you aren’t sure whether you should get it in Yellow, White or Rose Gold. We’re here to help! With our quick guide, you’ll find out which Gold color is the best choice for your skin tone. Just follow these two easy steps …


Determine your type of skin tone:

This step is all about finding out which type of skin tone you have.

Since jewelry is made to be worn against your skin, it’s important to pick a color of Gold
that will look great with your type of skin tone. Luckily, this is easier than it sounds!

The first thing you should know is that there are three types of skin tones: Cool, neutral
and warm. These types differ in the colors of their undertones.

Take a look at the color of your skin as well as your veins. A great place to check this is
on the inside of your wrist. Your skin tone should fall into one of these three types:

This type of skin tone usually has pink or rosy-red undertones. If the color of your
veins have a blue hue or even a hint of purple, then you have cool undertones.

Not sure about the color of your veins? Think about how your skin reacts in the sun. If you struggle
to tan and your skin burns easily, then you have a cool skin tone. Most people have a cool skin tone,
especially people who have blue-green eyes or who have blonde, brown or black hair.

Quick summary:

You have a cool skin tone if …

  • Your skin has rosy pink undertones.
  • You have blue-purple veins on your wrist.
  • You struggle to tan and your skin burns easily in the sun.
  • You have blue or green eyes with blonde, brown or black hair.

People with warm skin tones usually have peachy, yellow or golden undertones.
If your wrists have green-olive colored veins, then you have a warm skin tone.

If you have no troubles getting a beautiful tan and your skin rarely burns red, then
your undertones are warm. For people with brown, green or hazel-colored eyes and
brown, red or black hair, a warm skin tone is the most likely.

Quick summary:

You have a warm skin tone if …

  • Your skin has yellow or apricot-colored undertones.
  • You have green veins on your wrist.
  • Your skin tans easily and rarely burns.
  • You have brown or green eyes with brown, red or black hair.

Seeing both blue and green veins? Then you have a neutral skin tone with both
cool and warm undertones. That means you’ll see hints of pink, yellow and peach.

If your skin doesn’t burn in the sun, but you still take a while to get a good tan,
then you probably have a neutral skin tone.

Quick summary:

You have a warm skin tone if …

  • Your skin has both pink and yellow undertones.
  • You can see both blue and green veins on your wrist.
  • Your skin doesn’t burn, but takes a while to tan.


See which Gold works best for you:

Now that you know which type of skin tone you have, it’s time to answer the big question:
What color of Gold should you wear?

Let’s see which Gold is best for your skin tone …

The best choice for you is White Gold.

You’ll also look incredible in these types of gemstones: Sapphires, Amethysts, Rubies and Emeralds.

You’ll look amazing in Yellow or White Gold.

These gemstones will also complement your skin tone: Diamonds, Opals and Pearls.

Go for either Yellow or Rose Gold.

Finish off your look with these gemstones: Garnets, Topaz, Diamonds, and Rubies.

It’s as simple as that!

But there’s one thing that matters more than your jewelry matching your skin
tone … That you feel incredible no matter which color of Gold you choose!


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