Our identity lies in our values

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Affordable. Luxury. This is juxtaposition, right? These two words don’t go together. That’s what we have been told for years by luxury jewelry brands. Luxury cannot be affordable, luxury comes with a high price and hence only a chosen few can afford it. However, we would like to differ.

We, at Ferko’s Fine Jewelry are based on the strong belief that quality jewelry can be affordable and luxurious. Yes, we have charted our own path and developed a new model wherein we are sourcing high-quality materials on our own, using our own designs and production techniques and producing finest pieces of jewelry that anyone can afford. We have given the old concept of retailing and high markup prices a miss and selling our products through online stores to make our jewelry affordable.

The cornerstones of Ferko’s Fine Jewelry are affordability, transparency and premium service. Our aim is to make luxury a part of everyday life. We want people to indulge themselves and their loved ones without burning a hole in their pocket.

We take pride in our products. They are made from superior quality materials. We use solid and pure 14k gold and real diamonds that pass strict quality standards. Ferko’s never associates itself with inferior materials like gold plating or vermeil. We value integrity and transparency above everything else and hence all our jewelry pieces would pass the test of time. They are timeless creations that testify our commitment to quality.

We make jewelry not only to earn profits. For us, it is a passion that runs in our blood. Coming from a family that has been involved in making jewelry for generations, we appreciate the value of time. Thus, all our pieces are made to last a lifetime so that you get a value for your hard earned money.

We believe in simplicity and elegance that transcends time. Thus, our jewelry pieces are simple yet classic and elegant. They can be worn for generations as their appeal is timeless.

We love our business and give our clients a top priority. We sell our jewelry through online stores and love to serve our customers sincerely. All our jewelry items are made to order and we even customize them so that our customers get 100% satisfaction.

Ferko believes in pushing the envelope and hence has set a new trend in online jewelry selling. By selling our products through our website we have been able to cut down on price and offer our clients with premium jewelry at the most affordable rates.

So, let’s make every day special, let’s add luxury to our lives and give it a new meaning.


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