Fashion trend in jewelry – go minimal and look fashionable

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   “Less is more” – yes, that is the recent trend in jewelry. If you follow the celebrities, you would find that minimalistic looks are trending in 2017 and would continue to dominate the future too. People are wearing simple, minimal jewelry to create a stunning impression. Let us read more on this and find out what are the essential pieces you must own to be at the center of attraction.

Our love for jewelry

People love jewelry; they have loved to wear them since time immemorial. Jewelry has always played a great role in increasing our beauty and enhancing our looks. Stylish women swear by their necklaces, earrings, and bangles. However, the fashion around jewelry has changed with time. People love to experiment with materials, colors, size, and volume. From gold to silver to diamond to semi-precious stones, from chunky pieces to delicate ones, we have seen how jewelry has been designed to keep up with the changing tastes.

However, you cannot break your bank account to buy jewelry to remain trendy. So, here are the essential pieces to invest your money and be in sync with the current trend.

The essential jewelry pieces you must own

Earrings – Oh, women love them. Seldom would you find any woman stepping out of the house without wearing them. Diamond studs like the 14k Prong Setting Diamond Trio Tiny Studs are classic and versatile. They are perfect accessories as can be worn anytime and anywhere.


Necklaces – long, with pendants, they are the in thing now. People prefer to wear them as they look cool. Necklaces can complement any look. You can achieve new looks by doubling them or pairing them with short pendants. Can any woman ignore the appeal of a 14k Diamond Solitaire Necklace 0.07ctw?


Bracelets – they are popular all over the world. Today, women wear them in different styles. From classic diamond ones like the 14k Trio Diamond Bracelet with Thin Chain to funky bracelets with folk pieces or animal charms, bracelets are a must-have in your wardrobe.


As we mentioned before, minimalistic looks dominate the fashion world today. So, having these basic items is enough for you to look fashionable.

When wearing jewelry, have a focal piece to create your look around it. A long necklace can be the focal point of your attire or big hoops. Chokers are making a comeback this season and it would be wise to invest in a few to be ahead of the time.

No matter what you wear, remember to keep things minimal. Your jewelry should accentuate your looks and personality. We hope with these ideas, you can become the fashionista whom everyone would follow.

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